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The C Vidak Laboratory, University of Geneva Switzerland was the first laboratory to use a computer based testing system, the C Vidak Test. This new testing system has enabled hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world to take the test and get certified in their respective languages. This is very beneficial for students who are pursuing their higher education in different countries and need to learn different languages in order to do so. This will enable them to study freely in their country of origin and if they wish to continue their education in that country. You can learn more information about My Labs.

The C Vidak Test is very beneficial not only for students but also for the teaching community. Teachers are able to supervise their students and be able to make correct classroom adjustments as and when necessary. With this new teaching tool, teachers will be able to assess their students’ fluency and understanding in their target language. The teachers are also able to use the results to determine whether a certain student is really fluent or not. They can also make classroom discussions more interesting and engaging. This can definitely help boost the confidence levels of children, which is essential in order for them to succeed in school and also in life.

The process of testing the students’ competence in their target language has been made much simpler by the use of the computer generated C Vidak Test. The process does not take long and is painless for both the students and the teaching staff. The test consists of sixty multiple-choice questions that are all very easy to answer, so even beginners can easily pass the test with flying colours.

In addition to helping students pass the test, the C Vidak Test has helped researchers gain an in depth insight into the learning process of a language. This was made possible by using a language-analysis software that is used by the university. The software has been found to significantly improve the accuracy of the results. Apart from this, the software also enables researchers to determine the speed by which the learner assimilates the information. This makes it possible to make improvements in teaching methods and the curriculum.

There have been instances when students taking the test have shown complete ignorance about a particular topic. In such a scenario, the use of the C Vidak Test is definitely going to help in rectifying the mistake. Another major advantage of the test is that it enables researchers to determine the aptitude level of a child. Though it is not possible to determine the exact score in a test, the software will give a fairly accurate estimate. Based on the results obtained from the test, the teachers can suggest different approaches to be taken for improving the language skill of the students.

Since there are many ways in which the test can be carried out, the results will be obtained in different formats. Since the data can be collected from many sources, the test results may also be given in different forms. The most commonly received format is the page-based format, since it allows researchers to enter in the required data without having to retype it from scratch. This option is preferred by most users. It is also possible to download the results of the test from the Co ISBN website so that they can have a quick glance at the various results obtained.

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