Easy Toys Storage For Your Kids

Building a toys storage chest is one of the easiest woodworking projects to tackle. It requires only basic tools and hardware and is relatively inexpensive. Materials cost around $35, depending upon what kind of wood you get. My wife built this Toys-in-a-Basket storage mainly by herself over a weekend. She used leftover lumber from her home remodeling project. We purchased some cheap craft glue, wood shims, fabric and safety pins for the structure.

To build this  Toys storage chest, the first step is to prepare the framework by making sure that there is a good fit between the front piece of wood and the upper section of the door. You will need to use pocket hole screws to attach the front piece to the upper section. After doing so, you can use the wood shims to ensure a good fit between the wall and the upper section of the door. Then you can start building the various sections of the toy chest.

One of the simplest toy storage chests I have seen is a simple wooden box with four long shelves. All you have to do is construct the upper section of the box so that it fits snugly against the wall. This is a great way to store all your children’s toys. For additional storage, you may want to consider using different types of plastic storage boxes, such as those that are meant for storing larger toys. This is also a great way to store small play items such as whistles, beads or even toys that are not necessarily toys such as puzzle pieces.

The next step in building a toy storage Chest is to build the lower storage section by placing the shelves on either side of the opening of the box. This will allow you to use the bottom of the box as the bottom of the storage unit, while the upper part of the storage unit can be used as the top of the box. Using a few sections of heavy duty cardboard and cutting them to fit together, this will be an effective outdoor toy storage system.

When building the front piece of the storage unit, you will need two pieces of heavy duty cardboard and a piece of cut cardboard that has the same thickness as the front piece of the storage unit. These will be used to cover the openings of the storage unit that have openings on both sides. Once you have constructed the front section, you will then need to glue the upper section to the front piece of cardboard. After this glue has dried, you can then use pocket hole screws to screw the lower section into the upper section.

To finish off your outdoor toy storage, you will then need to add some finishing touches. Adding some rope to secure the storage box to the ground, and adding a toy bell on the front of the storage will help the storage stand out from other types of toy storage. By using these simple steps you will be able to turn your basic toy box into an effective and attractive outdoor storage unit for your children’s outdoor activities.

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