Glastoomsbury Outdoor Festival – Why I Don’t Like Camping Toilets

Ah the Glastonbury festival portable toilet, always that bit of strain. You get to these huge tents, which look like a tent with a roof, and you just feel like you are sitting on a pile of stones. Of course you’re going to have the odd wobble, particularly towards the end, but overall, it’s not the greatest festival toilet experience imaginable. Which would be at Reading Festival this year.

I’ve been to Reading Festival for many years and the last time I was there, back in 2021, the toilets were horrible. The campsite nearby had no washing facilities and people were using whatever they could find to try and keep their feet dry. It was a miserable experience and I can only imagine the same situation in future years when camping toilets become a regular feature at Glastonbury.

It seems that Glastonbury has finally cracked down on their toilets, at least in terms of providing facilities and now, there are several companies offering camping toilets at the site. They’ve also installed numerous shops selling food, drink, clothes, and equipment and now, not so long ago, there was even a mobile Tractor Wheel van, with drivers who would wheel you around and help you get to your accommodation. That surely says the service is improving. Although, I suppose, this is just one festival and not necessarily a sign of how good other UK festivals are.

Toilets are an important factor in any festival and for many, they are a major drawcard. For Reading, the local leisure centre has had a loo for years and it’s a popular attraction for local schools and adults. That’s why I can’t see it as an impediment to enjoying festivals like Glastonbury. However, there’s always going to be a certain amount of inconvenience associated with using a loo at a festival. Although, I’m sure there will be plenty more festivals in the future when a portable toilet hire comes back into play.

There’s also a real issue with people trying to use the public toilets and then have to use the campsite toilets, often sharing a space with hundreds of other camping enthusiasts. It’s a hassle and it’s hardly worth it when you consider the alternative. In terms of campsites, the Glastonbury site is quite cramped but as a rule, the bigger campsites don’t suffer so much from the lack of a public toilet.

There’s one positive thing about Glastonbury festival toilets though. It’s certainly true that most of these facilities are now open, many times over, in the evening. The traditional early evening meal has now been moved indoors and it’s nice to be able to enjoy the atmosphere, and maybe, just maybe, sit on the grass and watch the light show. What’s more, is that the toilets are now located away from where the general public would have to walk to in order to use them. This means that, as long as you’re aware that festival toilets do exist, you should find it much easier to use them than at previous events. I think we can all agree that this is a major improvement.

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