Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus & Best Prevention Tips

Bleach can cause severe side effects if you use it on your nail. You should also avoid extremely hot water as it can burn your skin. If you are going to remove the nail, do not ever try it yourself. When we talk about antifungal and antimicrobial properties, garlic always stands on this list.

Most cases of foot fungus can be treated at home but if it is severe or persistent you should visit your doctor. This article was medically reviewed by Luba Lee, FNP-BC, MS and by wikiHow staff writer, Hunter Rising. Luba Lee, FNP-BC is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and educator in Tennessee with over a decade of clinical experience. Luba has certifications in Pediatric Advanced Life Support , Emergency Medicine, Advanced Cardiac Life Support , Team Building, and Critical Care Nursing.

What causes a toenail to fall off, and what do you do when this happens? Get More Information here 5 HOME REMEDIES FOR TREATING NAIL FUNGUS We look at causes, recovery time, removing the nail, and when to see a doctor. Healthline has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. Olive oil and sunflower oils are injected with ozone gas and categorized as ozonated oils. Today’s topic is a little gross but important so be sure not to read it when eating ok girls?

To use, apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub to the affected area at least once a day. We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

Essential fatty acids are also important for the good health of nails. Individuals trying to maintain glossy and healthy nails should include foods such as fish, flaxseed, canola oil, seeds, leafy vegetables, and nuts in their regular diet. It is important to keep your nails clean and trimmed as it helps in alleviating pain as well as in maintaining nail hygiene. Urea cream can be applied after trimming and thinning and then covered with a bandage.

To confirm the diagnosis, the healthcare provider might collect a nail clipping to look at under a microscope or to send to a laboratory for testing. Many herbs and extracts, decoctions or pastes, have been used since ages as home remedies for nail fungus by traditional practitioners and in folklore medicine in India. Here are some home remedies which may help in treating nail fungus. If a fungal infection is left untreated, it may lead to serious health problems, such as skin infections, fatigue, oral thrush and others.

In a shallow basin pour some warm water, add a teaspoon of mustard powder and soak your feet for 30 minutes twice a day till the fungus vanishes. Foot fungus is a highly contagious disease more commonly known as ‘Athlete’s Foot’ or ‘Ringworm’ of the foot. This contagious condition is caused by microscopic fungus which thrives and rapidly proliferates in a warm and moist environment so the feet provide ideal conditions. Some people are more prone to foot fungus because their feet sweat more. This fungus is picked up generally in public bathing places like the floors of swimming pools, gymnasiums and locker rooms. A fungal nail infection is caused by a fungus that affects the keratin make-up of the nail.

Black tea contains tannic acid that dries out the feet, kills bacteria, and helps to close the foot’s pores to reduce sweating. Boil two quarts of water then add five to six tea bags. Allow the solution to cool and soak feet for 30 minutes.

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