Salon Styling Chairs

Includes a 27” heavy-duty hydraulic pump and base or choose from other base styles like square and star. The Pibbs 3706 Pisa salon styling chair is made in the USA with multiple options such as a T-shaped or U-shaped footrest, many durable bases, and color options. Hair salons can add a luxurious comfort aesthetic with the Callie styling chair. It can be used for a variety of purposes, which makes it an excellent option. On the side view, the back has an angular curve with precision stitching.

Salon Furniture Warehouse prides itself on bringing the best value to the salon furniture market. With many different styles and price ranges of styling chairs to offer, there is no need to go anywhere else. Prices range from $149.95 to $499.95, styles with round bases, square bases, and even the 5 starbases. Black is the universal color of styling chairs so all the chairs are available in black. Our quality construction on many of our chairs is made with steel reinforcements and molded high-density foam cushions. Quality chrome base, lift, and footrest adds to the overall look and feel of the styling chairs.

From purple, blue, brown, and pink salon chairs, perfect your look with Keller. Choosing the right salon chair for your business is about more than just looks, though. For both aesthetics and comfort, you won’t find better salon chairs anywhere else that will last you through all of your business’s long-term growth.

Our modern infrastructure equipped with advanced equipment, helping us to manufacture Stylish Salon Chair. Our modern infrastructure equipped with advanced equipment, helping us to manufacture Leather Salon Chair. The price of a salon chair ranges from Rs 3k to Rs 50k depending on the material, size, brand, style, etc. Keller has been supplying next-level barber and salon furnishings across the United States and Canada since 1999.

It has a round base with a heavy-duty pump and can be equipped with either a T-foot rest or U-foot rest. The European-made Modin Styling Chair is crafted with a high-end fabric that is a stronger, and more durable material. The chair features convenient spacers between the arms and seat cushion so hair will not get trapped, making for easy clean-up after each haircut. It is constructed out of treated, layered Beechwood and Birchwood along with solid foam for longevity.

Our range of products include hydraulic saloon chair, heavy duty barber chair, saloon chair, 101 fixed arm hair cut chair, ss salon chairs and beauty salon styling chair. Simply adding to its appeal, the salon chairs’ aluminum arms are durable and very easy to clean. Able to keep up with the busiest of salons, its heavy-duty hydraulic pump can lift weights over 450 lbs. Sculpted with high-density memory foam and upholstered with quality faux leather, choose your chair’s color and base style to complement your salon’s interior. Although made for long-lasting use, an optional clear protective cover for the backrest is available to ensure your chair stays in its best condition. Your salon styling chairs are the foundation for establishing a fabulous cut or style and will keep your shop beautiful and customers safe and comfortable.

Make sure that they do not have short lifespan salon chairs with low-quality parts. The best salon chairs are ones that are backed by long warranty policies of around 5 years. Along with a generous warranty, make sure that the manufacturer offers dedicated customer service for your salon styling chairs. With a stunning and modernistic inspired design, the Aron Styling Chair will flatter any salon décor with its sleek shape.

Equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, it can handle weights over 450 lbs. The Havana Hair Salon Styling Chair is one of our newest styles and offers excellent quality at an affordable price. The Pibbs 3606 Messina salon styling chair is a contemporary design made in the USA with high-quality craftsmanship. Designed with ergonomic black molded urethane armrests to add comfort and style. The Messina 3606 hairdresser chair is constructed with a heavy-duty chrome round base and pump. Elegant and stylish, the Milla Styling Chair in camel color is instantly recognizable.

It has the same features as the popular Havana styling chair and is built with a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. Featuring a curved modern design, the Milla Styling Chair has a fully upholstered open-back seat that makes cleaning between sessions a breeze. Its one-piece construction means there are no crevasses for hair to get stuck. Excellent quality at an affordable price, this salon chair swivels a full 360 degrees and is height adjustable allowing the perfect height for all of your clients.

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