Taking the Bus to Kefalonia with the mykonos bus timetable 2023

From Athens there are buses to Patras and Killini, two places from which direct ferries to Kefalonia leave. Flight time about 30 minutes and there are 2 times per week . From England there are direct flights leaving from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and others city. Instead of driving, you can go by ferry from Argostoli to the peninsula of Lixouri.

While you can book your tickets at the station, it’s not advisable to rely on that during high season. You can book your tickets online at Trainose’s website or app on your phone. They have airplane-type seating and very little room to move around. They are very fast vessels but they also tend to be susceptible to heavy weather and can be grounded easily. They also may not be very forgiving if you are prone to seasickness. You will find them in island ports, connecting islands within the same cluster.

Also the road between Fiskardo and Agia Efimia is fantastically beautiful. If you are not able – or want – to rent a car or moped, you can do a guided tour around the island by bus. Kefalonia has a large area so the distances between its regions can be quite long.

The bus network connects not only the capital to other cities but also all the places between them. There are buses every day that connect the city to all locations and vice versa. Kefalonia Airport is 8 km from the town and can be reached by taxi, bus or private vehicles.

It is also called “the green line” and you’ll see it annotated with green on the railway maps in train stations. There are mykonos bus timetable 2023, the subway , trains, and even trams and trolleys to use to go everywhere in the sprawling metropolis. The conventional car-and-passenger ferries with several decks. They usually have two or three classes plus cabins for you to book, with the cheapest ticket being for deck seats. These ferries are the slowest in speed, but they are also the most reliable when it comes to heavy weather. click here for more info lostvoyager.com.

Day trips by bus and boat to Ithaca and Zakynthos runs twice a week from Argostoli. Check with a travel agency or KTEL in Argostoli for details about days and times. The most convenient way to get to your hotel is to rent a car. Having arranged your car rental, you can ask the agent to pick up the vehicle from the airport. This way, you will avoid any waiting time and not miss a minute of your holiday. This is especially convenient if you find yourself in areas where taxis are scarce.

That way you can board easily and be at the front of most queuing that will ensue. Keep your ticket and passport somewhere easily accessible to show to port authorities or the crew of the ferry. There are two main domestic airlines in Greece, Olympic Air, and Aegean Airlines. They handle most of the domestic flights, with Sky Express and Astra Airlines handling some charter flights during the summer season. Most offer air conditioning during the summer season, and in some, there is even free Wi-Fi.

Your ferry ticket fee is included in your bus fee and at the time of purchase you will receive two separate tickets, one for the bus and one for the ferry). During your ferry ride, you will get off the bus and can have a bite to eat on the ferry and relax in the lounge area etc. They don’t make sure everyone is on the bus before they leave.

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