The Pros And Cons Of Using CBD For Dogs

How much CBD oil do dogs need? cbd oil for dogs (Cannabidiol), one of several natural cannabidiol-like substances found in the cannabis plant, is one of several key ingredients in many herbal supplements for pets. The cannabis plant is part of the cannabis sativa plant family. Unlike most other types of herbs and vegetables, cannabis plants contain no volatile oil by-products that must be extracted to use in making pet product. In some cases, pet owners substitute another substance such as lamb’s milk or soy protein powder or rice bran oil for CBD.

Why would you want to use CBD oil for dogs? Besides the fact that it is all-natural and lacks any psychoactive properties, there are some potential benefits to dog owners as well. Clinical studies have shown that CBD has a profound effect on certain patients with chronic illnesses, such as dogs with epilepsy or dogs with cancer. In a study published in Nature Medicine, Dr. Michael Schmitz showed that CBD reduced the vomiting of dogs treated with an experimental virus that attacks the stomach and liver. The same effect was noted in children who had been infected with encephalitis, a life-threatening condition caused by a viral infection in the brain and spinal cord. In these studies, CBD prevented vomiting and helped improve the overall health of these test animals.

Can CBD oil for dogs to help prevent heart disease? While the data on the subject is not extensive and the relationship between CBD consumption and long-term health problems is not well established, CBD may reduce the risk of having a stroke or a heart attack. It was recently announced that a Canadian company had conducted a number of animal studies that indicated a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels among dog owners who regularly consumed CBD. Although the studies are preliminary, and more studies need to be conducted, it is logical to assume that CBD has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health.

Is CBD for dogs a suitable replacement for more traditional medications? Though CBD is not classified as a prescription drug, many believe it should be treated in much the same way as prescription medicines. Studies have indicated that CBD can help treat depression, diarrhea, arthritis, colitis, anxiety, epilepsy and cancer, but it is unknown if it has any effect on negative side effects of conventional medications.

Does CBD for dogs oil cause negative side effects? There are no reported side effects when using CBD for dogs oil, but you should keep in mind that this is a very concentrated form of CBD. When mixed with other ingredients, CBD can produce side effects. These include drowsiness, a reduction in appetite, slurred speech and possible liver damage. If you choose to use CBD for dogs oil to remedy your pet’s health problems, you should supplement it with other natural supplements or a homeopathic remedy.

Are there other benefits besides treating health conditions? Studies have shown that CBD significantly reduces the inflammation in pets suffering from arthritis. Therefore, it is ideal for dogs and cats that have arthritis. However, due to its high concentration in this form of oil, you should only administer small doses to make sure that it has no undesirable side effects.

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