Top Three Institutional Shareholders of Apple Inc.

Apple is of the biggest tech companies in the market. Every year, they sell millions of products. In order to conduct business, this company needs money. As it is a public company, the raise funds via shares.

The people who buy shares are known as shareholders. These people are like the owner of the company. The one who has the maximum number of shares becomes the chairman. 

There are two types of shareholders, i.e. individual shareholders and institutional shareholders.

Institutional shareholders are a major part of Apple’s business. An institutional shareholder is a company or a firm who invest in a company’s shares—the pool a large amount of money to buy shares in large quantity. 

Top 3 Institutional Shareholders:

There are many institutional shareholders who purchase AAPL Stock and maintain the holdings. They can be a bank, union, firm, company, agency, etc. Here are the top three institutional shareholders of Apple Inc.

  • Vanguard Group Inc.:

It is the largest institutional shareholder in the Apple Company. It is a very popular mutual fund and EFT company. They are Apple’s biggest institutional shareholder. This company provides services like EFTs, retirement products and mutual funds. They own nearly 336.7 million shares in Apple. Their stock percentage is 7.8%. They have $6.2 trillion in assets management. Apple is the second-largest holding of this company. It makes up nearly 5.2% of its portfolio.

  • Black Rock Inc.:

This company owns nearly 274.7 million shares in Apple. These shares account for 6.3% of the company shares. It is an asset management company and mutual fund company. They have a total of $6.47 trillion in AUM. Their largest EFT is iShares Core. It accounts for $197.6 billion in AUM. Their second-largest holding is AAPL Stock. It makes up 6% of its portfolio. It is the second-largest institutional shareholder of the company.

  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc.:

They are the third-largest Institutional Shareholder in Apple. It is a diversified holding company. This company is led by none other than Warren Buffet. They have a total of 245.5 million shares in Apple. It makes up to 5.7% of the total Apple shares. This company invests money in various industries. They invest money in the insurance industry. They also invest their money in railroad and gas. The market cap of this company is $447.2 billion. They own various equity securities. 

These are the three biggest institutional shareholders of Apple Company. These three companies hold most of Apple’s shares in the market. They play a very important role because without them, and Apple won’t survive in the market. You can get more information from

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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