Using Inhaled Steroids for Asthma Relief

Inhaled steroids are not new. In fact, this type of medication has been used in the treatment of asthma for many years. When a person with asthma takes steroids, it is said that his or her chances of successfully stopping the disease will be much higher. This is because steroids are able to reduce the inflammation that is part of the condition known as asthma. Steroids can also reduce the frequency of coughing and chest infections.

Although there have been many positive effects of steroids on asthma, there are also some negative effects that should be noted. For one, steroids may increase the intensity of coughing and make a person with asthma feel more miserable. As a result, steroids can be quite addictive. Once, an individual starts taking steroids, he or she will find it very difficult to stop taking them.

Steroid medications are usually prescribed by doctors. To obtain the right dosage, the patient should talk to the doctor and inform the doctor about all his or her medical histories. The doctor will also discuss with the patient about the side effects of steroids with asthma. A patient who has never taken steroids before will have to be monitored closely by his or her doctor until he or she is sure that steroids are the right thing for the patient.

Doctors usually prescribe two different types of inhaled steroids. First, there are corticosteroids that are taken in a liquid form that is taken in pill form. Inhaled corticosteroids are most commonly used to treat mild cases of asthma and include prednisone, hydrocortisone, methylprednisolone and Dexamethasone. The second type of inhaled steroid is referred to as anti-inflammatory steroids. These steroids, which include aspirin, ibuprofen and synthetic glucocorticoids, can also be used to treat asthma. They work by reducing the inflammation of the lining of the lung tissue and help in reducing symptoms like cough and shortness of breath. Learn more information about steroids for sale.

Both types of steroids are usually prescribed to people who suffer from asthma but there are many differences between the two kinds of steroids. While steroid taken in a pill form to relieve asthma symptoms works within a few hours, the steroid that is taken in a cream or ointment form needs to stay in the body for several hours before it shows significant effects. It is for this reason that doctors recommend a patient to take steroids only under medical supervision. Steroids taken orally will not show the same results as those that are injected. The dosage and duration of the medication will also differ depending on the age, sex and weight of the person taking the medicine.

To determine whether steroids are right for a patient, a doctor needs to assess the condition of his or her asthma. If the patient is in good health and does not smoke, then oral steroids may be prescribed. If the patient has a family history of lung disease, severe lung injury, or inflammation of the air sacs, then the oral steroid dose may be adjusted down. Once a patient starts taking steroids regularly, he or she may have to be monitored closely by the doctor to make sure the drug is not causing any side effects.

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