Video Marketing Statistics Is Important For Digital Marketers

Video marketing statistics can tell you a lot about your company and the direction it is going. Video marketing covers a vast array of platforms and content types, and internet marketers have their choice of the litter out there on what video topics they wish to produce. What really matters though is that your video generates traffic at all. In truth, over 85% of all companies are utilizing some form of video in their online marketing schemes.

YouTube tops the list as the king of video marketing statistics. You may be wondering why that would be the case. Because more people are using Facebook and other social media sites to stay connected with friends and loved ones, then YouTube is the king of internet traffic because of this very reason. But just because it is so high doesn’t mean that you should neglect to optimize your page and videos to get maximum exposure. Below are some social media and Facebook rules to follow: Visit here for more information about doodly couponĀ 

  • YouTube has rules on what types of video content can be monetized. If you are wondering what type of video content can be monetized, let’s take a look at the list of prohibited items. Ads for gambling and adult entertainment are obviously not allowed. You can however advertise sponsored videos that can be advertised in two different ways. First, as an actual commercial or as part of a sponsored discussion topic.
  • Insivo is another interesting video marketing statistics website. Insivo is mainly focused on Peru. They cover everything from agriculture to culture. If you need a small introduction into the Insivo world, they host an annual event called “Insivo Secret” where businesses can come and share their video marketing efforts with the community. This is a good place to learn a bit more about using video for branding purposes.
  • EZTV is growing in popularity. EZTV is the hottest new thing on the internet. The site covers all types of niche markets. EZTV allows users to rate and comment on any video. EZTV also offers a free blog which allows users to interact with others in the community and get feedback on their videos.
  • Digital marketing statistics provides many tools for digital marketers. Video is one of the fastest growing segments of internet viewing and there are no signs of this slowing down. If you haven’t started to use video marketing statistics to boost your digital marketing strategy, you are behind the times. Digital marketers say that they cannot imagine doing business without it and with so many tools to use and analyze, there is no reason why shouldn’t you be able to do the same.

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