What Is the Triple Helix Healing?

Triple Helix Healing is a professional practice, also a specialty, private holistic health club, dedicated to the promotion of all individuals’ natural health and spiritual well-being. This holistic practice believes that the three main energy centers of the body (the physical, mental and spiritual) are interconnected and work together in order to support and maintain health and wellness throughout the physical, mental and emotional health of each person. Individuals who subscribe to Triple Helix Healing believe that the body, mind and spirit are connected in a “web” or “net” that begins inside the body and works outward to provide healthy support for the mind and body. Whether it be through massage, exercise, meditation, aroma therapy, or any other therapeutic technique, Triple Helix Healing offers individuals the opportunity to connect with and enhance their natural energy centers for optimal health and physical/emotional well being.

The physical body and mind are related to each other in a complex network that begins within the brain and extends throughout the entire body. Triple Helix Healing therapy seeks to understand and treat this “web” for optimum health and wellness. The energy centers that comprise the body are represented by energy zones. Each zone is associated with a color and as one’s body begins to open up and experience positive changes in energy, the color of that area will begin to change as well.

All therapists who practice the healing art hope to encourage individuals to move through their zones quickly and safely through their body, allowing healing to occur. For those who have experienced Triple Helix Healing, it is not unusual for them to return to that same energy zone several times during their visit. As these individuals work on reducing stress through exercise, diet adjustments, meditation and yoga, the colors of their zones tend to remain stable. However, when a person returns to Triple Helix Healing for a consultation, the colors may shift. This is normal and has no bearing on whether or not you can benefit from the practice.

Triple Helix Healing is based on the belief that energy is life itself and that every living being is connected to an invisible energy center known as the Oversoul. This energy center is located just below the brain and extends through the body from top to bottom. While the mind is the dominant organ responsible for reasoning and thinking, this energy center controls the overall direction of our physical and mental condition. As we learn more about this powerful source of healing, we find that it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the energies around us through the practice of mind and body techniques. Through practicing these techniques with a trained practitioner, it becomes possible to learn how to redirect, strengthen and even eliminate negative energies from our lives. While there are many different aspects to this practice, it is believed that the Oversoul energy center is at the root of all disease and negativity and that by aligning with and releasing it, we can achieve a healthier state of mind and body.

The colors of the Oversoul vary from person to person, but it is believed that each color represents one of three things. Blue represents peace and inner awareness, green represents harmony and serenity, while the orange represents the vibrant energy and zest for life. The Oversoul’s energy field is a complex network of subtle energy fields that run throughout the physical body. When these energy fields are disrupted or weakened, we experience pain, discomfort and illness within the physical body. By using a trained practitioner who has mastered the art of Triple Helix Healing, it is possible to not only enhance the physical body but also to enhance the mind and emotions. When these emotions are aligned with the power of the Oversoul, the patient begins to experience a complete sense of well-being and healing.

Triple Helix Healing is a relatively new practice, but one that has been used for hundreds of years in the Eastern world. The healing practices of these practices are based on the belief that all disease is due to an imbalance of energy and that by restoring the proper balance of energy, illness can be eliminated or significantly reduced. These practices have also been proven to be effective in treating emotional and mental disorders as well as physical illnesses.

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